Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson briefs community media

Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson
briefs community media
on plans to prevent violent crime
City Hall
April 10, 2019

Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson met with some community media people to talk about some of the City of Cleveland’s new initiatives.

The primary focus was the conversion of the city's recreation centers to Neighborhood Resource & Recreation Centers and a series of new programming associated with the new initiative.

In this first video clip, Mayor Jackson gave an overview of his holistic approach to addressing crime using the Consent Decree as an outline. This includes using more police, more training, more and better technology all in an holistic manner.

In this next clip, Mayor Jackson told of the plan for Cleveland Public Power to replace every street light in the city with LEDs. They will also have the ability to have cameras which will initially be located around rec centers and major parks and areas the police have determined a need. Later more will be added as needed.


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The Mayor spoke of the plans for improved infrastructure, technology, manpower and training to combat the problem of crime, especially violent crime. But the big news was the focus on people. He introduced Tracy Martin-Thompson to speak about the investment in people. Tracy Martin-Thompson is Chief of Prevention, Intervention, and Opportunity for Youth and Young Adults in the City of Cleveland.

She told of the plan to use the 22 Cleveland recreation centers to intervene and stop the toxic elements that lead to trauma and crime. It is know that living in a toxic environment can traumatize people. The City is taking steps to intervene and stop the toxic stress by changing the culture. The 22 Recreation Centers will be transformed into Trauma Informed Care Resource Centers providing children and adults a place where they are safe, valued and respected. Trained staff and other resources will be available in all the rec centers.

Learn more in this last video clip.


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