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September 28, 2006

We've all been to way too many business and/or tech presentations in some stuffy conference room. Yawn.

But the folks at Aztek Technology know how to do it up right.

They hosted a new technology presentation on Thursday September 28th that covered a lot of new and interesting technology. David Skorepa (design guy) and Keith Rowe (developer guy) from Aztek explained to customers and partners some of the current and emerging technologies.

This included using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to replace clunky old table designs in web sites. And how can be beneficial (faster development time, code re-use, processing time, etc.) and work nicely with CSS (so less expensive programming is needed).

They discussed RSS (Real Simple Syndication or as I like to call it, the Real Slim Shady) as a way to attract new visitors and satisfy current customers. Finally they got into Web 2.0 and some of the social software (flickr, myspace,, etc) that is drawing huge numbers of passionate visitors.

But what set this demonstration apart from others was the location and the after-meeting activities. Aztek's Kevin Latchford is a long-time member of the Beaver Creek Club in Amherst so the event was held in the clubhouse on their 500+ acre spread.

After the presentation the attendees were divided up into newbies (like the Geek) and experienced people and taken out to use the extensive shooting facilities at the club.

In my novice group, Kevin took us through the basics of skeet shooting (yes, you really do yell "Pull!") and then some trap shooting and something called 5-stand where you have a variety of clay targets emulating various animals (rabbit, teal, etc.) The Great Lakes Geek would have have done better with slow-moving, wounded elephant targets to shoot at.

Great Lakes Geek warning - Of course you don't want to bet Kevin Latchford who is a club member and expert marksman but do NOT bet Stacie Baske either. She is wicked with the shotgun.

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Aztek Technology group
Lynn Locksey, David Skorepa, Keith Rowe, Stacie Baske and Kevin Latchford of Aztek Technology
at the Beaver Creek Club.

hunting dogs
Release the Hounds! (I always wanted to say that)

Kevin Latchford and Stacie Baske
Kevin Latchford and Stacie Baske on the skeet range

The skeet range
The skeet range from a distance

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