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File your W-2s online

By Brandon P. Smith
Social Security Public Affairs Specialist

If you own a business and have employees, you know the law requires you to file W-2 forms each year for them.

Depending on the size of your business and amount of time you have, that could leave you feeling like you're drowning in paperwork. But Social Security offers more than a life preserver - we offer you a way to file your W-2s without any paper at all! File your W-2s the fast, convenient, and paperless way - online.

Filing your W-2s electronically is free, fast, and secure! And there's an added bonus: when you file electronically, you receive an extra month to file because electronically filed W-2s aren't due until March 31st.

You'll also receive an electronic acknowledgment receipt. And when you file electronically, you can print out your W-2s for your employees.

Social Security's free electronic filing option is available for any small business. It allows you to prepare and submit up to 20 W-2s (per report) over a secure Internet service. When you register to file electronically, here's what you get:

  • Freedom from buying paper forms;
  • W-2s for your employees and for your records;
  • Electronic receipts you can use as proof that you filed on time; and
  • Extension to March 31 to file.

You can register now to get started on your 2010 W-2s. Just take these seven simple steps:

  1. Go to;
  2. Select "Business Services Online" (BSO);
  3. Select the "Register" button;
  4. Complete the registration form,
  5. Select your own password;
  6. Select "Request access to BSO Services;" and
  7. Complete the wizard for selecting the applications you want to access in BSO.

To learn more, visit Social Security's Business Services Online at

You also may want to review the 2010 Electronic W-2 Filing Handbook, available online at

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