CASE Connection Zone

CASE Connection Zone
Gigabyte Broadband at The Alpha House

What if you had gigabyte Internet connection speeds in your home or office? How would your life change?

Colleen Nagy, Project Director of the Case Connection Zone

Colleen Nagy, Project Director of the Case Connection Zone

The Case Connection Zone project has wired homes on nearby Hessler Street with high-speed fiber. They are studying the effects of such speed on education, business, health and everyday life.

Colleen Nagy, Project Director of the Case Connection Zone, shows off the Alpha House on the CWRU campus which demonstrates how life may be different with "Jetson-like" connectivity.

The 4 areas that the Alpha House displays are

  1. Public Safety,
  2. Energy,
  3. Health & Wellness
  4. Education

Health and Wellness is one of the 4 areas and tech innovation and the high speed connectivity should allow people to monitor their health without leaving their home. In this video, Colleen Nagy shows the wireless scale, running shoes and other devices being tested.

The best outcome might be the high-def telepresence consultation with a doctor or specialist from anywhere in the world.

The switch that was installed in all of the test houses was developed by an Amsterdam company called Genexis. You can see it in this short video.

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