TiE Ohio Community Catalyst Awards

TiE Ohio
Community Catalyst Awards

Windows on the River - Cleveland
September 21, 2010

The TiE Ohio International Entrepreneurship Awards were held on September 21, 2010.

After the International Entrepreneur Awards, immigration attorney Richard Herman gave some background of how Cleveland and surrounding cities used to be the equivalent of today's Silicon Valley. He told how immigrants are more likely to start businesses, have advanced degrees, earn patents and more.

Richard Herman speaking

Richard Herman

He then introduced the recipients of the TiE Community Catalyst Awards. The first awardee was Dr. Maria Pujana, an immigrant from Colombia and president of Marise Jewelry Designs Co.

Dr. Maria Pujana

Dr. Maria Pujana

Dr. Maria Pujana

The other TiE Community Catalyst Award winner was Alan Schonberg, co-founder of Management Recruiters International.

Alan Schonberg

Alan Schonberg

Alan Schonberg

Alan Schonberg and Maria Pujana

Award winners Alan Schonberg and Maria Pujana

(Photos by Dan Hanson and Harry Weller)

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