TiE Ohio International Entrepreneurship Awards

TiE Ohio
International Entrepreneurship Awards

Windows on the River - Cleveland
September 21, 2010

TiE was founded in 1992 in Silicon Valley by a group of successful entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and senior professionals with roots in the Indus region. There are currently more than 11,000 members and over 2,500 charter members in 53 chapters across 12 countries. TiE's mission is to foster entrepreneurship globally through mentoring, networking, and education. Dedicated to the virtuous cycle of wealth creation and giving back to the community, TiE's focus is on generating and nurturing our next generation of entrepreneurs.

TiE Ohio was founded in 2008 as the 50th chapter of the global TiE network. TiE Ohio is poised to fulfill a critical niche in Northeast Ohio's business development landscape by focusing specifically on immigrant, international, and minority entrepreneurs within the region, and by encouraging other such entrepreneurs to consider NEO as a place to launch their new businesses. TiE Ohio provides focused support to entrepreneurs through mentoring, networking, and business education programming.

On Tuesday September 21, 2010, TiE Ohio hosted their first annual International Entrepreneurship Awards at a ceremony at Windows on the River in Cleveland.

Almost 200 attendees helped celebrate local and foreign born entrepreneurs. The awards were created to recognize the achievements of international entrepreneurs and businesses helping to reshape and rebuild Ohio's business landscape and to highlight how international entrepreneurs contribute to the local economy.

Radhika Reddy and Reka Barabas of TiE

Radhika Reddy and Reka Barabas of TiE

TiE Ohio Executive Director Reka Barabas and Baiju Shah, Co-Chair of Tie Ohio welcome the crowd and explain TiE Ohio

Baiju Shah at podium

Baiju Shah

Baiju Shah, President of BioEnterprise and Co-Chair of TiE Ohio welcomed the audience by highlighting the importance of TiE Ohio in building an ecosystem of immigrant and internationally-minded entrepreneurs.

Celebrating the triumphs of local entrepreneurs, like Monte Ahuja, helps to inspire others and promote an entrepreneurial culture.

Baiju Shah introduced keynote speaker Monte Ahuja

Monte Ahuja

Monte Ahuja

Keynote speaker Monte Ahuja, the founder of Transtar Industries, Inc. which is the leading worldwide distributor of OE quality transmission parts to the motor vehicle repair industry, shared his philosophy of success.

Reka Barabas giving award to Monte Ahuja

Reka Barabas and Monte Ahuja

The Awards Committee was led by TiE Ohio Charter Member and Board Member Radhika Reddy from Ariel Ventures and considered U.S. and international sales, number of jobs, creative approach in starting a business, and involvement and leadership in the community during the selection process. Cathy Belk, Chief Relationship Officer at JumpStart and a TiE International Award Committee member announced the winners.

Cathy Belk and Radhika Reddy

Cathy Belk and Radhika Reddy

Radhika Reddy, founder of Ariel Ventures explains the 2010 TiE Cleveland International Entrepreneur Awards

Winners of the award in four categories were announced at the ceremony: Ellis Yan (Technical Consumer Products) won in the Immigrant Entrepreneur category (an immigrant entrepreneur who has launched a successful business in Ohio).

Monte Ahuja and Jim Crowcroft of Technical Consumer Products

Monte Ahuja and Jim Crowcroft of Technical Consumer Products

Technical Consumer Products won the 2010 Immigrant Entrepreneur Award

Other finalists were Jeeva Akr from Electron Database Corp and Dr. Hiroyuki Fujita from Quality Electrodynamics.

Monte Ahuja and Dr. Hiroyuki Fujita

Monte Ahuja and Dr. Hiroyuki Fujita

Monte Ahuja awards Electron Database Corp.

Monte Ahuja awards Electron Database Corp.

Finalists and winner of Immigrant Entrepreneur Award

Finalists and winner of Immigrant Entrepreneur Award

Marlin Younker from US Endoscopy won in the International Entrepreneur category (an American-born entrepreneur who has expanded their business internationally).

Monte Ahuja and Marlin Younker

Monte Ahuja and Marlin Younker

Marlin Younker and US Endoscopy team

Marlin Younker and US Endoscopy team

Marlin Younker, Founder and Co-Chairman of US Endoscopy, won the 2010 International Entrepreneur award

Other finalists were A.J. Hyland from Hyland Software and Al Miller from Miller Weldmaster.

The winner in the Foreign Direct Investment category (an international business that has established and expanded its business operations in Ohio) was Philips Healthcare.

Monte Ahuja and Dominic Smith of Philips Healthcare

Monte Ahuja and Dominic Smith, VP of Global marketing of Philips Healthcare

Philips Healthcare won the 2010 TiE Foreign Direct Investment Award.

Dominic Smith of Philips Healthcare

Other finalists were Roechling Glastic Composites and TATA Consulting Services.

In the Ohio International Business category (an Ohio-headquartered multinational business that has expanded its business globally) Keithley Instruments was announced as the winner.

Monte Ahuja and Mark Hoersten of Keithley

Monte Ahuja and Mark Hoersten of Keithley Instruments

Keithley Instruments Inc. won the 2010 TiE Ohio International Business Award

Other finalists were Steris Corp. and Veyance Technologies.

In addition to this year's finalists, Alan Schonberg, Co-Founder and Chairman Emeritus of Management Recruiters International, and Maria Pujana, M.D. President of Marise Jewelry Designs were presented a special, TiE Community Catalyst Award for their efforts to make the region more welcoming and globally connected.

(Photos by Dan Hanson and Harry Weller)

See more from the TiE Awards including Alan Schonberg, Maria Pujana, Richard Herman and Monte Ahuja

Faces in the crowd at the 2010 TiE Ohio Awards

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