Team NEO 2011

Team NEO
March 16, 2011

Team NEO markets the Cleveland Plus region collectively to site selectors, real estate consultants and targeted companies across the globe to increase awareness of Northeast Ohio’s business assets in order to increase business opportunities for the region.

Team NEO serves companies and site consultants by acting as the single point of entry into the 16-county Cleveland Plus region, and then worth with counties and communities to ensure seamless attraction into Northeast Ohio. Team NEO aims to assist established companies with non-retail projects having the following attributes:

  • Greater than 20 new jobs will be created
  • More than one million dollars in new investment
  • Investment will be realized within 24 to 36 months

Services offered include workforce analysis, site visit coordination, industry connections and more. Econometric research experts provide detailed Request-for-Information insights and economic impact studies.

On March 16, 2011 TeamNEO officials spoke at a public meeting and then took questions from the audience.

In this first video, Team NEO CEO Tom Waltermire demonstrates how we work and live as a region. He shows a chart of people who work in different cities and counties than they live in to demonstrate that fact.

In the next video, Team NEO Director for International Business Attraction Bernardine van Kessel discusses their International Attraction Strategies including their focus on particular industries such as Medical Devices, Polymers, Aerospace and Megatronics and Geography such as Europe, China and Canada.

In the final video, it is stressed that besides focusing on certain countries and regions it is important to look at the industry.

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