LimeRibbon Launch party

LimeRibbon.Com Launch party
Crop Bistro 12-07-09

Cool Cleveland recently hosted one of their hip parties at a local Warehouse District establishment, Crop Bistro & Bar, and the young professionals packed the joint.

Crop Bistro Cool Cleveland party crowd

What made it more exciting was that the party also served as the launch of a new Cleveland company called

LimeRibbon banner is a social media site that lets you select gifts for yourself and others and share your lime colored 'gift ribbons' on social media networks like Facebook and Twitter.

LimeRibbon is the result of a group of local entrepreneurs who challenged themselves to exploit the growth of social media by tying it to a shopping platform.

The LimeRibbon team states that 'LimeRibbon is a fun way to shop for all the things you want in one place, share your LimeRibbon wishlist with friends and family, and show your stuff, if you choose, on Facebook and Twitter.'

Michael DeAloia and Joel Libava

Czar and King
Tech Czar Michael DeAloia and Franchise King Joel Libava

A ribbon, and yes it's colored lime green, is a gift list that you create. You browse popular retailers on the site and add items that you would like people to buy you for your birthday or other occasion. Then you can post your wish list ribbon on friend's and family's Facebook or Twitter pages and they can see what you want. You can also show off what you bought through the site and see what others are purchasing.

Carol Lindley, Dave Stack and Mark Schumann

Carol Lindley, Dave Stack and Mark Schumann

This isn't a new idea. In fact, Amazon just celebrated the 10 year anniversary of their Wish List feature. Zappos has a feature that lets you put your favorites in a 'closet' to be shared with friends. Co-founder Michael DeAloia says that Amazon and Zappos are more closed networks whereas LimeRibbon wants to include as many retailers as possible.

Jim Dorazio and Dominic Litten

Jim Dorazio and Dominic Litten

And LimeRibbon is packaged in an interesting way, especially if you like green. Co-founder George Nemeth says the best thing is "its simplicity and style. Reducing clutter is increasingly important when vying for people's attention."

Thomas Mulready of CoolCleveland.Com

Thomas Mulready of CoolCleveland.Com

Hallie Bram and Eric Kogelschatz

Hallie Bram and Eric Kogelschatz

Hallie and Eric are bring TED to Cleveland. Visit TEDxCLE for more info.

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