Cleveland TECHnic Picnic for Geeks

2009 Cleveland TECHnic Picnic for Geeks

Boundless Flight morphed their annual summer picnic into a joint Gathering of the Geeks on Saturday June 20, 2009. CEO Gary Baney invited other companies, user groups and various tech people to join the Boundless Flight team at the picnic grounds at St. Sava's in Parma.

Food, drink, music, raffles, networking and camaraderie were plentiful. One of the highlights was the 'Thrilla in Manila' 100 yard dash challenge between Baney and Boundless Flight Engagement Executive Heidi Hooper.

Gary Baney and Heidi Hooper stretching before the race

Gary Baney and Heidi Hooper stretching before the race

If Gary Baney won the race, a donation (and collected funds from the TECHnic) would go to Boy Scouts of America. If Heidi Hooper won, the donations would go to Girls with Wings an organization that uses aviation to entertain and educate girls about their limitless opportunities for personal growth.

After some last minute trash talk, and stretching, the race was on.

Gary Baney and Heidi Hooper racing

And they're off!

We won't be spoilers. Watch the video and see the race and comments from the winner and loser.

Kudos to Boundless Flight for creating what promises to be an annual tradition in the Cleveland technology community.

Music at the TECHnic

Music at the TECHnic (from a VOIP pro!)

TECHnic revelers Susie Sharp

TECHnic revelers including Susie Sharp (right) in summer tie-dye

Doreen Skonier, Dan Hanson and Nancy Cramer with Bingo Smith card

Doreen Skonier, Dan Hanson and Nancy Cramer with card wishing Cav's legend Bingo Smith to Get Well Soon
(Join the Facebook group - Get well Bingo Smith)

Gary Baney of Boundless Flight

Can you tell who won from these post-race photos?

Heidi Hooper of  Boundless Flight

Best out of three anyone?

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