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Information Week has published a Top Vacation Spots for Geeks. The first category of trips is what they call the Fanboy Pilgrimage. It lists several places that relate to the most used DVDs in a Geek's collection.

For example, to see the Lord of the Rings landscapes, you can visit New Zealand and take a Lord of the Rings Tour which includes Matamata, the home of the Shire and Hobbiton.

I saw Star Trek: The Experience several years ago at the Las Vegas Hilton and it is well worth the time. It's not quite Virtual Reality but it is interactive and you do really experience a voyage on the Enterpise - especially as you swoop very low over the Vegas Strip. It may be closing at the end of the year so you have to hurry.

Star Trek: The Tour will be leaving its opening run in San Diego and heading out to 40 other cities. No info yet whether Cleveland is on the list.

Star Wars fans can visit Tunisia to see where George Lucas used the underground labyrinth of vaulted rooms and dim passageways as young Luke Skywalker's subterranean home on the desert planet of Tatooine.

Closer to home is Space Center Houston which advertises, "In association with LucasFilm, experience the largest collection in the world of never-before-seen Star Wars props, artifacts and memorabilia! Plus, get an exclusive behind-the-scenes preview from the next chapter of the Star Wars saga, Star Wars: The Clone Wars! The exhibit is open everyday through September 1st."

Check the article at Information Week for other Geek Vacations

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