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Monster Cable-It

We all have a bunch of cable spaghetti hanging around the back of our computers, stereos and home media devices. I have it in my basement with my guitars and amps too.

The Monster Cable-It solution is a quick way to tidy up the mess and prevent cables from getting tripped on and pulled out.

Monster Cable-It

You can buy it in 8' or 16' lengths and three different widths. Small holds 3-5 cables. Medium holds 5-8. Large holds 8-12 cables. They come in black, white and gray.

The best part is how easy it is to zip up the cables. You can cut the sleeve to length with an ordinary scissors if you want. Then just snap open the Monster Zipper and insert your cables.

Close the Zipper around the cables and slide the Cable-It sleeve onto the Zipper's pointed tip with the sleeve openings pointing downward. Grip the sleeve around the cables.

Monster Cable-It

Then, holding the Zipper handgrip, pull the Zipper backward or the sleeve forward away from the Zipper. Unsnap the Zipper from the end of the sleeve. That's it!

I shot this video on the show floor at CES. It really is that easy.

Prices range from $12.95 (small, 8') to $29.95 (large, 16')

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