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Yes, I know that putting an "I" in front of a product to capitalize on the Apple iPod is a popular marketing move. But the iShoe?

I saw the iShoes demonstrated at the Consumer Electronics Show as the inventor and his brother modeled and demoed the iShoes in the cramped halls. It even looked dangerous when they - the inventors! - used them.

According to their website, "The inventor of the iShoes, Ilya Kaganovich is from Plymouth, Minnesota. On a trip to New York, he thought of a new way to get around town: motorized shoes. With the help of his brother, Boris Kaganovich, an aerospace engineering student, they developed prototypes to test the concept. As iShoes moves forward, we are committed to excellent quality. Excellent quality is achieved by creating the best designs, using the best technologies and executing with the best craftsmanship."

You will also notice an Out of Stock message - meaning you can't buy the iShoes. At least not now.

You strap them onto your shoes, and with the handheld control you can reach speeds up to 13.5 mph. Push the handheld button to accelerate, and ease up to engage the electronic brake. The iShoes can go 2-3 miles or 30 minutes of casual riding on a single charge of their rechargeable Lithium batteries which charge in about 2 hours.

They say that "There is a certain amount of skill required to ride the iShoes. Most people are comfortable going full speed after a day or two of practice" but they caution riders to wear a helmet. And make sure conditions are dry.

Turning is not exactly smooth. They advise you to slow to a stop, turn and then continue. Though experienced riders can make turns with a skiing style, placing one leg forward and steering with it.

Here's their video clip of a seasoned rider

and here's a brief interview with the inventor at CES.

No, you won't see a video of the Great Lakes Geek riding the iShoes. His medical insurance is just not that robust.

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