Great Lakes Geek Book Review
It's Called Work for a Reason!:
Your Success Is Your Own Damn Fault

Larry Winget

Gotham Books 2007

There are 2 reasons I picked up this book/audio program. First the author is Larry Winget, the Pitbull of Personal Development, who wrote the #1 bestseller "Shut up, Stop Whining & Get a Life."

You have to like that kind of attitude when so many business books are fluff and authors stretch to make business parables out of anything and every thing.

Which leads me to Reason # 2 for getting this book. In the promo material on the back cover, Winget advises us to "Forget thinking outside the box - you're not in a box!" Yes!

Even better he promises no parables and says "Who cares who moved your cheese - what cheese?" Finally another person who is declaring the emperor to be buck nekkid.

I wrote about the inanity of Who Moved My Cheese years ago and have always been amazed at the intelligent people who jumped on the bandwagon and fawned over that tome.

Combine those 2 reasons with the way Winget looks (shaved head, shades, beard) and speaks (growling, unforgiving, some street talk) and it was worth a listen.

There is nothing new or earth-shaking in this book. It states in extremely plain language what the problems are in many businesses (people's attitudes and performance) and places the blame squarely on the individual.

Winget tells how:

  • Teamwork doesn't work
  • Our co-workers are really only co-goers
  • We are stealing from our companies and ourselves
  • Expectations are low, standards are lower
  • No one owes you a living
  • Results are everything
  • Nothing happens until something is sold
And more like that.

Like I said, nothing revolutionary but it's presented in a package and format that many will find appealing.

He rants against

  • casual business dress,
  • poor service,
  • relative ethics,
  • blaming others and more.
He does stray into the typical business book fluff occasionally - getting a red sucker, his favorite UPS employee and the ubiquitous praise of Southwest Airlines. (Is that mandatory in business books?) But in general, this is a different kind of business book.

It's fun to listen to and may inspire you to make some changes - at least in your attitude.

Great Lakes Geek Rating: 3 out of 5 pocket protectors.

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