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Bill Bradfield CEO of PerceptIS
Bill Bradfield

National IT companies have to be located on the Coasts. You can't find enough talent in the Great Lakes Region. You can't provide world class services from this area.

These are just a few of the myths that Bill Bradfield and his PerceptIS team are helping to dispel. PerceptIS is a young company, founded in May 2004, but is growing in customers, revenues and employees from their headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio.

PerceptIS is a privately held Cleveland based firm providing help desk, call center and information technology services to the higher education, non-for-profit and commercial markets.

Bill Bradfeild, CEO of PerceptIS

Founder and CEO Bill Bradfield met CWRU CIO Lev Gonick in California and when Gonick came back to Cleveland the two explored the challenges and opportunities in providing support for CASE students.

Bradfield formed a new company, PerceptIS, designed to handle that support. Since then PerceptIS has grown to well over 100 employees and has clients such as Arizona State University, the Colorado Community College system and Maricopa County Community College district - the largest community college in the world.

PerceptIS operates IP based call centers in Cleveland and Phoenix and currently supports over 1,200,000 end users with technical help desk services.

Bradfield founded PerceptIS based on 2 principles: 1) Providing World Class End user Support and 2) Keeping jobs in the communities they serve - "local sourcing."

PerceptIS has been active in the Web 2.0 world - Facebook, YouTube, SecondLife and so on because, "That's where our clients live."

In this podcast, Bradfield talks about doing business in Cleveland, finding talented workers, and differences between Phoenix and Cleveland.

August 22,2008

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Listen to the podcast with Bill Bradfield

The 5 minute video shows includes a shot of one of the huge perks of "being chained to the desk" during crunch time.

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