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Bill Priemer
Bill Priemer
Chief Operating Officer
Hyland Software, Inc.

Hyland Software serves as a role model for tech companies - proving everyday that a world-class, international software company can operate and thrive outside of the typical locales such as Silicon Valley - in fact, in Cleveland, Ohio.

Their "cool culture" has been covered by various media but it would be meaningless if they didn't have the product and customers to make the business a success. With thousands of satisfied customers worldwide, surging revenues and 30 or so consecutive profitable quarters, Hyland is a success story by any measure.

In this interview, Bill Priemer, Chief Operating Officer of Hyland Software, explains their product - OnBase. He tells the story of the company's first customer in 1991 and how he hooked up with the Hyland family.

You'll also hear how they hire and train smart people and work to unlock their potential and other ideas that Cleveland and other area companies can use to follow their example and grow and thrive.

And if you are cruising Westlake and see a car sporting a "My kid is an Honor Employee at Hyland Software" bumper sticker, you'll know why.

Slide at Hyland Software
Need to get to the first floor in a hurry? Try one of the slides at Hyland Software.

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April 28, 2006 Interview

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