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Cleveland Indians 2009

The Cleveland Indians family lost a beloved member during the offseason with the passing of player and broadcaster Herb Score. Those too young to remember the pitching prowess of Score the player certainly will remember his Indians broadcasts on both the TV (1964-1967) and the radio (1968-1997).

His announcing style and knowledge and love of the game made him a beloved fan favorite. The 'Voice of the Indians' was the longest tenured broadcaster in Indians history. Herb retired after the 1997 World Series and was inducted into the Cleveland Indians Hall of Fame in 2006.

Herb Score tribute microphone

Herb Score tribute microphone

The Cleveland Indians will pay tribute to Herb Score in the 2009 season by wearing a patch featuring Score's #27 and a microphone on all of their uniforms this season. They will also have a moving tribute to Herb Score at the home opener including a video tribute and Herb's wife Nancy throwing out the first pitch. There will never be another like Herb Score.

Bob DiBiasio showing the Herb Score patch on the Cleveland Indians 2009 uniforms

Bob DiBiasio showing the Herb Score patch on the
Cleveland Indians 2009 uniforms

Despite the loss of Herb, the 2009 season looks to be both entertaining and exciting.

The Tribe knows that these are tough economic times so they have placed a premium on providing a great bang for your entertainment buck this year. They also realize that "not all 81 games are created equal" (consider a Tuesday in April vs a July weekend) and have specials to reflect that fact.

'Value' is the key word for the fan experience during the 2009 Cleveland Indians season at Progressive Field.

For example, you can get a Buy One Get One season ticket package in the View Seats that will make you think twice about being able to afford season tickets. Buy a season ticket for $2100 and get another season ticket for free. Grab some pals and split the season. Each ticket will only cost about $13! That's lower than the tickets cost when the ballpark opened in 1994.

There are a bunch of special events, firework and promotional giveaways this season. See the Cleveland Indians promotional schedule.

Bob DiBiasio with promotional slippers for Mother's Day

Bob DiBiasio with promotional slippers for Mother's Day as Slider and Ketchup browse some giveaways

Food and watching baseball just seem to go together and the Cleveland Indians have some great food ideas this year. One is the All you can Eat ticket. For $32 you get a ticket to the game and all the hot dogs, nachos, peanuts, popcorn and soft drinks you want.

Other people (especially kids) don't need the huge portion sizes (and large prices!) of some items. So in 2009 you will be able to get some smaller portion items at a correspondingly lower price.

The Cleveland Indians are also partnering with the Cleveland Clinic to provide healthy food options as well. Learn more, see some of the foods and listen to a short interview with Cleveland Clinic Executive Chef Jim Perko explaining the new options.

The Indians are also opening up the Terrace Club to the public on non-game Fridays for a delicious buffet for only $11.

Mascot Mustard with new Tribe gear

Mustard with new Tribe gear

Visit the Cleveland Indians website for all the special and promotions.

One of my favorites will be the bobblehead of Wild Thing Ricky Vaughn (Charlie Sheen) to celebrate the 20 year anniversary of the movie Major League. And yes, Bob Uecker will be in town that night! Hopefully the Brewers pitchers will be "just a bit outside" all night

Wild thing Ricky Vaighn (Charlie Sheen) bobblehead - Major League

Wild Thing Ricky Vaughn

In this podcast interview, Bob DiBiasio talks about Herb Score and some of the fun things happening at Progressive Field this season.

April 3, 2009

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Listen to this podcast interview with Bob DiBiasio

See more photos and learn more about the 2009 Cleveland Indians Season. Go Tribe!

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Cleveland Indians 2008

There's a lot going on at the newly named Progressive Field this year.

Business people may be particularly interested in the new Champions Suite. The suite has a great mid-field view and can accommodate up to 60 people.

It has state of the art HD televisions, presentation equipment, comfy and workable furniture and, besides the view of the field, it's decorated to give off a successful vibe - with graphics from the Indians greatest teams. And the food and beverage in the suite goes way beyond hot dogs and peanuts.

Watch a short (1:01) video of Bob DiBiasio explaining the business and other amenities of the new Cleveland Indians Champions Suite

The most notable new feature at the ballpark for the 2008 Cleveland Indian's season is the name change to Progressive Field. Since the ballpark opening it was known as Jacob's Field. As of January 11, 2008, it was renamed to Progressive Field.

2008 is the 60th anniversary of the Cleveland Indians World Series Championship in 1948. Look for pennants and other items to be available for the celebration. Hopefully, 2008 will resemble 1948 in many ways.

Last year's 5th inning Sugardale Hot Dog race proved so popular with the fans that it has been expanded this year. New personalities for the 3 mascots have been developed.

Meet the new mascots for the popular 5th Inning race at the ballpark and see Tribe mascot Slider do something special to Bob DiBiasio (1:38)

Opening Day is again a sell out and will feature a special tribute as Andre Hampton, a National Guard Corporal and Progressive employee, will throw out the ceremonial first pitch live via satellite from his base in Kuwait. 2008 looks to be a great year for the Cleveland Indians and their fans. Let's hope some of the 1948 magic rubs off on this team in this anniversary year.

Play Ball! Go Tribe!

March 25, 2008

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Listen to this podcast interview with Bob DiBiasio

Watch (2:30) the final letter being put on the Carnegie and Ontario Progressive Field sign

Watch (0:15) the 2007 opening of Cleveland Indians Heritage Park by Bob Feller and Slider, announced by Bob DiBiasio

Cleveland Indians VP of Marketing Bob DiBiasio showing a new product - a large fist beverage holder

Tribe PR VP Bob DiBiasio modeling the new beverage holder fist available for the 2008 Cleveland Indians season.

The new Progressive Field scoreboard

The new Progressive Field scoreboard for 2008

See more photos and learn more about the 2008 Cleveland Indians Season. Go Tribe!

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