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Dave Cowen of Lubrizol
Dave Cowen
Manager, Public Affairs
The Lubrizol Corporation

A green Chemical company? Isn't that an oxymoron?

You might not think of a chemical company as part of the green movement but the Lubrizol Corporation is working hard to be green.

In fact if you read their Corporate Philosophy, one of the 8 prongs says, "We are committed to Maintaining the health and safety of our employees, customers and neighbors and to protecting the environment."

Lubrizol has been around since 1928 and has 6900 employees worldwide but you won't see their name on products on the shelf. Their chemicals and additives are included in those products that you buy at the store.

The green movement also ties into sustainanability, meeting the needs of the stakeholders in a company (shareholders, employees, customers, community and so on) both now and in the future.

Dave Cowen references the Aesop Fable of the Goose that laid the Golden Egg. The short term benefit of having all the golden eggs certainly will not sustain the enterprise. As he says, "Sustainable development has to be economically sustainable. It's not a suicide pact."

Cowen also speaks to the need to participate in the whole health of employees; not just physical but also emotional, social and spiritual.

He notes that employees are just one of many stakeholders - such as vendors, shareholders and the community - that a corporation may answer to. He urges us to find (New Phrase Alert!) the Epicenter Stakeholders, those you most directly impact.

February 21, 2008

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Dave Cowen of Lubrizol and Jim Dorazio at a Noon at Nance CSU seminar

Dave Cowen of Lubrizol and Jim Dorazio at a
Noon at Nance seminar at CSU

Dave Cowen

Lubrizol's Supapak Yodseranee, Dave Cowen and Arul Mathew at the City Club of Cleveland

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