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Gary Baney of Boundless Flight

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Gary Baney
Founder & CEO
Boundless Flight Inc.

Gary Baney is in the midst of a distinguished career in IT as an award-winning (Top 100 leaders) CIO, an IT Professor at a major university and now Founder and CEO of his own company.

He is a Risk Taker and a Change Agent and you may very well be uncomfortable listening to some of the blunt ideas that Gary espouses in this interview. And that's fine with him.

He knows that a company or city has to move out of their comfort zone and go beyond good and work towards great. Just as we need to not only forgive but encourage risk takers who have had some failures, we need to break free from the "mediocre mentality" to compete in a global and virtual economy.

It's been a couple of years since we sat down with Gary Baney and, just like his frank and controversial podcast interview from then (see below), Gary again shares his opinions on a variety of topics.

In this conversation with Gary Baney, he talks about popular topics such as the Green initiative, Entrepreneurs, Project Management SaaS, business in China, Education, Immigration, CWRU and more.

August 22, 2008 Interview

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In this earlier interview you will hear Gary's ideas about business, academia, Cleveland, China and more.

And he'll tell you about a new technology, that sounds like science fiction, concerning the tokenization of thoughts as opposed to using words that would make business independent of language.

September 10, 2006 Interview

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Gary Baney of Boundless Flight Inc.

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