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Gene Barlow
Gene Barlow
User Group Relations

Gene Barlow has over 45 years of computer experience. He worked in various technical and management positions for IBM and in his last 14 years with them, he managed IBM's user group support organization.

Because of his tremendous support for user groups in general and APCUG in particular, Gene is often called the Father of IBM PC User Groups and the Godfather of APCUG.

After leaving IBM, he and his wife Linda formed their own consulting firm to represent various computer vendors to the user group community.

He is very well known and loved in the user group community for his excellent presentations, understandable technical papers, and willingness to help users with their problems.

In this interview, Gene talks about the early days of APCUG, his relationship with Jerry Schneider and even tells about those Looney Tunes shirts he always wore.

September 10, 2005 Interview

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Linda and Gene Barlow
Linda and Gene Barlow

Gene Barlow at Chicago event
Gene Barlow with an IBM ice sculpture at an APCUG event at Spring Comdex

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