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Kevin Gough of Google
Kevin Gough
Senior Product & Marketing Manager

Everybody knows Google. The word has become part of our culture's vocabulary.

Most people know it as the giant Internet search engine. But Google also has a slew of products and services for business.

Kevin Gough is part of the Google team that is, as he said, "barnstorming" the country to let people know that while Google has great consumer benefits they have been involved for 5 years in enterprises and have over 7,000 such customers.

They have a built-in testing mechanism for new products and features that few other companies can match. For example, with the millions of users of Gmail, they can perform a 1% test.

That is, they change an algorithm for 1% of the users and see what happens. 1% doesn't sound so insignificant when you are dealing with hundreds of millions of users. Most business technology companies couldn't do that kind of testing on such a huge sample population.

Gough said that Cleveland was a must stop on the tour with "lots of great businesses who can benefit from the offerings and want to innovate."

More information on Google Enterprise products including the Google Search Appliance(TM), Google Mini(TM) search hardware and Google Earth(TM) for Enterprise.

More information on Google Apps, powerful communication and collaboration tools.

March 6, 2007 Interview

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Kevin Gough of Google
Kevin Gough of Google at the Google@Work seminar 3-6-07 at the Renaissance Cleveland Hotel

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