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Graham Richard, former Mayor of Fort Wayne Indiana
Graham Richard
Politician and Entrepreneur
Fort Wayne Indiana

Graham Richard is the former mayor of Fort Wayne, Indiana, serving from 2001-2007. Now he is an an entrepreneur.

According to his website, Graham Richard is a champion of stronger cities, towns, and states, with a special interest in green initiatives, high speed broadband, and high performance government. Building on a successful track record while mayor of Fort Wayne, Indiana, he is now advising executives in government, nonprofits, and businesses on how to...

  1. Bring high-speed broadband to all residents (and leverage that capability to retain and gain jobs).
  2. Use economic stimulus dollars to fund green initiatives that create well-paying jobs and reduce a community's environmental impact.
  3. Develop partnerships among leaders to generate new capabilities and create a stronger economic climate.
  4. Build networks that help government and business leaders work together more effectively.
  5. Bring high-performance practices to the public sector.

Graham Richard on panel in Cleveland

Graham Richard speaking in Cleveland

Graham Richard was on the panel at a Broadband event at the Renaissance Hotel in Cleveland Ohio on October 7, 2011.

Graham Richard speaks on Broadband panel

The event was titled Mid-Course Workshop for Broadband Awardees: Accelerating Deployments & Driving Towards Sustainability Conference and sponsored by OneCommunity.

Mayor Richard told the audience that it's a leadership challenge not a technology challenge in transforming to a gigabit nation. He reminded them that Better Broadband equals Better Lives.

Graham Richard

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