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Jason Therrien

There are two kinds of people out there - those who get Twitter and those who don't.

It's easy for someone to grasp the usefulness of a social network like LinkedIn where you update your resume, query your contact base or just keep in touch with business contacts. People also understand the more social networks like Facebook as a place to share with family and friends.

But a lot of people have a problem understanding the value of posting, and reading, frequent 140 character messages on Twitter.

Jason Therrien is president of thunder::tech, an integrated marketing agency based in Cleveland, Ohio with service areas including: design, interactive, public relations and advertising.

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Jason uses Twitter himself and for his business and clients. It's another tool in their marketing and branding kit.

Therrien has had success using Twitter in finding employees. He calls it a narrow vs. a shotgun approach and the succinct messages don't waste people's time.

He admits that in some ways, a rapidly entered 140 character message probably isn't as carefully crafted and controlled as a typical branding strategy but that's all a part of it.

If you are thinking that busy executives like you shouldn't be on Twitter, you may be missing an opportunity. Therrien points out how executives are increasing their branding as thought leaders with their posts.

Of course you have to learn the proper Twitter etiquette (Twetiquette?) to maximize its potential and provide a good experience for your followers.

In this podcast, for example, Therrien warns against over-tweeting and posting just to say something. He encourages people to tweet no more than they eat - 3 to 4 times per day max - to really have impact.

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March 6, 2009

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Listen to thunder::tech's Jason Therrien

Dumont Owen and Jason Therrien at Cleveland City Hall

Dumont Owen and Jason Therrien at Cleveland City Hall

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