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Kirk Neiswander of the Entrepreneurs Edge
Kirk Neiswander
Founder & President
The Entrepreneurs Edge

The Entrepreneurs Edge, or just EDGE, is a 501c3 organization designed to enhance economic development in Northeast Ohio through innovation and entrepreneurship.

In the alphabet soup of business organizations, EDGE stands out as focusing on middle market companies interested in growth and value creation.

As their website states, "EDGE proactively creates the middle market companies of tomorrow by leveraging the ideas and experience of our most successful business leaders, partnering them with serial entrepreneurs and student teams, to create a continuous pipeline of viable businesses in the region."

Dr. Kirk Neiswander and the EDGE team have implemented 4 key programs to accomplish their goals.

  1. The 100+ Entrepreneurs with the EDGE
  2. The Value Program (Leading EDGE Awards and Northeast Ohio Value Index)
  3. ,

  4. CEOs for NEO
  5. The Entrepreneur Index.
In this interview, minutes after a successful Edge event featuring former Microsoft COO Bob Herbold, Kirk Neiswander explains EDGE and how they are helping companies succeed in NE Ohio.

September 21, 2007

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Kirk Neiswander, Bob Herbold and the EDGE team

Kirk Neiswander, Bob Herbold and the EDGE team
(left-to-right: Colette Taylor, Mike Shafarenko, Bob Herbold, Kirk Neiswander, Grant Marquit and Tom Barratt)

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