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Environmental water attorney Lou McMahon
Lou McMahon
Environmental Lawyer and Chairman
Ohio State Bar Association's Environmental Law Committee

Lou McMahon knows water. Not in the same way that Michael Phelps does but in a more far-reaching way.

McMahon is chair of the Ohio State Bar Association's (OSBA) Environmental Law Committee. In addition to the OSBA, he is a member of the American Water Works Association, the Water Environmental Federation and the Water Management Association of Ohio. He serves as chair of the Cuyahoga Regional Energy Development Task Force's Legal and Regulatory Subcommittee, the Lakewood Citizens Infrastructure Committee and the Lakewood Lakefront Coalition.

He has also written numerous articles and serves as a general editor for Anderson's Ohio Environmental Law Practice Manual.

As a partner at McMahon DeGulis LLP, Lou McMahon focuses his practice on environmental and water rights litigation, environmental regulatory and legislative matters, Great Lakes and public trust issues, brownfields redevelopment and emerging regulation of alternative energy and nanotechnology.

In these interviews, McMahon makes it clear that we have a precious and vital resource in our Great Lakes water. In fact, 10% of the world's fresh water comes from the Great Lakes. As much of the world, including many regions in the US face significant and threatening water shortages, we are blessed with an abundant supply.

But, as McMahon cautions, there are numerous threats to this liquid gold in our backyard.

  • Threats from nature such as the zebra mussel causing 'dead zones' in Lake Erie.
  • Threats from an outdated infrastructure that was designed for communities 150 years ago.
  • Threats from other regions that lust after our water.
  • And the inevitable threat from politicians and practitioners of NIBMY (Not in my backyard)

With the recent passage of the Great Lakes Water Compact, you might think the political situation has been resolved. But it needs to be ratified by the US Congress and the Great Lakes region's political clout has been dwindling. Neither presidential candidate has said much on the subject yet.

McMahon also speaks about wind power and other alternatives and the quality of our water. He explains how the Great Lakes water situation is a matter of national security - no matter where your political views may be.

Don't miss the 9-08 issue of Inside Business Magazine for more of Dan Hanson and Lou McMahon discussing Great Lakes water.

Part 1 - July 23, 2008

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Listen to Part 1 with Lou McMahon

Part 2 - July 23, 2008

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Lou McMahon and Lake Erie

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