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Picture showing Size of the planets

This image represents the size of these planets in comparison to each other. We must be pretty significant to live on such a large planet, right?

Picture showing size of Jupiter-Saturn and other planets

Yikes! Suddenly we don't look so big anymore.

Picture showing size of Sun and the planets

But our sun sure is huge

Picture showing size of sun and arcturus and other stars

Gulp! Or is it? Jupiter is only about 1 pixel in size at this scale and the Earth is invisible!

Picture showing size of Betelgeuse and Arcturus

But wait, there's more! At this scale, our sun is just 1 pixel and "giant" Jupiter is invisible. Antares is the 15th brightest star in our sky. It is more than 1000 light years away! Feeling pretty small and insignificant yet?

Hubble Telescope photo

It gets worse. This is a Hubble Telescope ultra deep field infrared view of countless 'entire' galaxies billions of light-years away. (remember that "humungous" Antares is 1000 light years away)

Hubble telescope closeup

And even in the "darkest" sections of the photo above, you can see from this closeup that a lot of really big stuff is way out there. Now how big do you feel?

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