About the Great Lakes Geek
Why the Great Lakes Geek show?

We all have way too much to read. Business and trade publications, newspaper, books, magazines. Not to mention all the content available on web sites, blogs and via RSS feeds.

Busy and efficient people embraced audio books a long time ago. Listening to important, interesting and fun content at your PC, on a portable device like an iPod or in your CD player while driving, working out or in the background is the technological upgrade to those static audio tapes.

Who/What is the Great Lakes Geek?

Many have tried to un-mask this superhero. But its' not a mask. That is really his face.

The Great Lakes Geek is the nom de plume of Dan Hanson who knew that it was Chic to be Geek long before it became popular. Armed with an MS in Mathematics, our hero has fought valiantly to achieve and maintain his status as Alpha Geek.

His street cred has been enhanced by his title of Entreprenerd - a careful blend of business adventure and techie chops.

He operates from the Geek-cave, located somewhere in the heart of Cleveland, Ohio - hence, the Great Lakes moniker.

So it's just another podcast show?

The Great Lakes Geek website is intended to fill several needs in the business and technology community - primarily, but not exclusively, in Northeast Ohio.

First is the Great Lakes Geek show itself which features audio interviews and commentary. The show is informative, opinionated and sometimes irreverent. But it is always honest and will let you hear for yourself the thoughts and ideas of business and tech leaders in the region and beyond.

The second component of the site is a comprehensive calendar of business and technology events. Unlike the numerous partial calendars that are floating around, the Great Lakes Geek calendar will strive to be complete - without regard to who advertises with us or is flavor of the month.

Third is the Speaker's Bureau. Need a speaker on a certain topic for your event? Browse our listings and we can help you secure the perfect person to rock your event.

Fourth is the Geek News. Read, hear and see images from events and newsworthy items in the region

Fifth is Geek Tips. Everyday we offer free software to Great Lakes Geek visitors to download. We post the best tips - Hardware, Microsoft Office, Windows and more to make your life easier and more efficient (and fun).

And speaking of fun... We offer a whole section of Geek Fun. Check it out.

Don't miss the hardware, software and book reviews, opinions and information from the Team Geek Columnists and much more.

Want to know more?

If you want to learn more about submitting events, speakers, make show suggestions, sponsorship opportunities and the like contact us at:

Great Lakes Geek
2800 Euclid Ave. #325
Cleveland, OH 44115

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