Great Lakes Geek Reviews
Great Lakes Geek Reviews
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The Great Lakes Geek gets a lot of hardware, software and peripherals - not to mention Geek Gadgets - to review.

And he is always reading or listening to business, science, computer and other books and tapes.

To save you from purchasing a product that isn't quite up to snuff (whatever that means) the Geek will be posting some of his reviews here.

And even with the magic of audio books, you still can't read all that you want to. The key is to avoid the boring tomes or books that won't give you useful ideas.

Items will be awarded a Great Lakes Geek Rating of X out of a possible 5 pocket protectors.

It's not easy to impress the Great Lakes Geek. But when something really stands out, it will be awarded the coveted Great Lakes Geek Seal of Approval.

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