Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2007

AMD LogoAMD and Intel have been competing for years on CPUs and other technology - all to the benefit of the industry and consumers.

This is an exciting time for processors (dual-core, quad-core, graphics, etc.) With the launch of Microsoft Windows Vista, this will be the first time that the operating system will be reactive - it will generate different experiences depending on the hardware you have.

AMD Athlon™ 64 FX-70 series Processors
AMD Athlon™ 64 FX-70 series Processors

AMD acquired graphics leader ATI and with Windows Vista's Aero interface requiring heavy-duty graphics capabilities, the timing couldn't be better. In this interview Scott Shutter, Division Brand Manager of AMD's Mobile Division, tells Dan Hanson (at the Riviera Hotel) about the ATI acquisition, Vista and about a combination CPU/GPU in the works.

You will also hear about the mobile world - how mobile PCs compare to desktops and what users are looking for and how AMD is meeting those needs.

Scott Shutter of AMD

January 2007 - CES - Live from Las Vegas
Scott Shutter of AMD

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