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Microsoft Senior Technology Specialist Brian Gorbett

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Microsoft Senior Technology Specialist Brian Gorbett
Brian Gorbett
Senior Technology Specialist

The last time we spoke with Microsoft Senior Technology Specialist Brian Gorbett, he gave us a preview of Windows Vista.

In that show, he explained the difference between Windows Vista and Longhorn and described some of the new features in Vista.

Microsoft Windows Vista

Don't miss Dan Hanson's print column on Vista, including information from Brian Gorbett, in the March 2006 issue of Inside Business Magazine.

Windows Vista Books

January 26, 2006 Interview

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Since then, a new product has been launched by Microsoft that the Great Lakes Geek predicts will be hugely popular and successful. It's called Windows Home Server.

Windows Home Server is intended for the millions of home users who have a high-speed Internet connection and more than 1 one PC. It's based on the rock solid Windows Server 2003 but is easy enough to install and manage that Gorbett calls it "Grandma and Grandpa tested."

In fact, it can be set up in as few as 7 easy steps (like "What password do you want to use?"). But the ease of use masks very tight security with SSL encryption and more - like you would expect from a server product.

But a server for the home? For consumers? Yes! To me the 3 main benefits will be

  1. Ease of adding storage and sharing files
  2. Automatic Backup of all clients on the network
  3. Easy and secure Remote Access

As you will hear, you can easily add terabytes of storage to your network and share all the files among family members and guests.

The system will automatically backup the attached PCs. And, the killer feature IMO, is the easy remote access so you can access and/or share your files from any Internet connection in the world - securely!

The best way to purchase Windows Home Server is in combination with a hardware partner such as the HP Media Smart Servers (see the Amazon ads to the right).

Can you believe that you get a server box, a terabyte of storage, a server OS and 10 user licenses for well under $1000?

Listen to the Geek. Microsoft Windows Home Server is going to be a huge product!

November 10,2007 Interview

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Windows Home Server Blog

PC Magazine's Review of Windows Home Server

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