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Gene Barlow
Gene Barlow
User Group Relations

Gene Barlow is often called the Father of IBM PC User Groups.

He is very well known and loved in the user group community for his excellent presentations, understandable technical papers, and willingness to help users with their problems.

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APCUG Audio Interviews

Gene Barlow
Father of the IBM PC User Group

Steve Bass
PC Tech Columnist

Rollie Cole
First President of APCUG

Jim Cookinham
While much of this interview is NE Ohio specific, Jim was arguably the first leader of an IBM PC User group and published the first newsletter for the IBM PC

Robert X. Cringely
PC Historian, Author and TV Host - Apple employee # 12

Chuck Geschke
Co-founder and Chairman of Adobe Systems

Milt Hull
Sacramento PC User Group, Milt was at the meeting at Microsoft in 1986 that led to the creation of APCUG at Comdex in 1987.

Bill Jelen
Mr. Excel

Jim Louderback
PC Magazine Editor and Alpha Geek

Peggy Ireland
Past-President and 2005 Alliances Chair. From Capital PCUG

Tim O'Reilly
Founder and CEO of O'Reilly Media

David Perry
Global Director of Education at Trend Micro

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