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Jan Limpach

Jan Limpach
Jan Limpach
Search Engine Jockey

Jan Limpach is a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist - a Search Engine Jockey.

Jan's company, brings websites high rankings because Jan is an "excessively preoccupied professional who goes bleary eyed from looking at source code to provide clues about the elusive search engine algorithms."

Jan is also a world champion in slot car racing. In fact, Jan was named the Greatest Slot Car Racer of the 20th Century by an international organization.

November 15, 2005 Interview

In this interview, Jan tells us about Organic Search, striving for usability, the white-hat approach to SEO and the most valuable real estate - the waterfront property - of your web site.

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October 24, 2006 Interview

In this interview, Jan Limpach gives more search engine optimization tips for your websites. This time "by the numbers." There are certain numbers - like 404 and 301 - that are important to your website design, especially for B2C sites.

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