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Jim Cookinham of Neosa

Jim Cookinham


The year is 1979 and Jim Cookinham is using a Texas Instrument TI 99/4. Fast forward to April 3, 2010 and Jim gets his hands on an Apple iPad on the first day it is available to the public.

Jim Cookinham with his new iPad

Jim likes cool tech gadgets and has always been an early adopter. In this podcast, Cookinham talks about his new Apple iPad and some of the changes that are taking place. For example, he now prefers reading books on his Amazon Kindle or Apple iPad over the traditional paper book. And he loves the gesture user interface.

Jim Cookinham and Apple iPad

Is Jim becoming just another Apple fanboy?

Listen to the podcast to find out.

Then watch the video where Jim Cookinham takes us on a tour of his new Apple iPad. And learn what application almost made him "barf."

Jim Cookinham with Apple iPad

See lots of photos and learn more about Jim Cookinham in this profile.

Archived information and podcast below

Jim Cookinham founded the Northeast Ohio Software Association back in 1998. He was talking tech in Cleveland before it was cool.

Though Neosa has changed from the early days, it is still the most effective voice for the IT community in the region - thanks to Jim Cookinham.

In this interview Jim talks about the past, present and future of Neosa. You'll also hear about his Navy days on a nuclear sub, what he's reading/listening to and his iPod Nano story that US business people have to hear.

In addition, hear what Jim has to say about Pittsburgh and who "gets it" in town.

October 13, 2005 Interview


Listen to this interview

Jim Cookinham of Neosa

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