Paul Stork

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Paul Stork
Paul Stork
Technical Consultant/Trainer/Owner
Don't Pa..Panic Software

Paul Stork has long and varied experience with computers. He started playing with computers over 35 years ago in high school.

He started his full-time professional career on computers in the mid 1980s as a PC/Network Systems Analyst and database (Clipper) programmer. In the early days it was all Novell and IBM Lan Server, but in the mid 90's Paul started working on Microsoft Windows NT, got his certification as an MCSE and MCT and has primarily been a Microsoft specialist.

He currently specializes in 4 things; CRM, Sharepoint, SMS, and .NET Compact Framework Development

Sharepoint 2007 Paul gives business case examples for the non-techie audience 6-28-07.

Sharepoint 101 Paul gives a primer on this important software tool on 10-20-06.

TechEd in BostonPaul reports from TechEd in Boston on 6-16-06.

Virtual MachinesPaul explains Virtual Machines in a 2-21-06 Interview.

Microsoft Office 12Paul previews the next version of Microsoft Office.

Shooting at CWRU as Paul tells about the shooting at the Peter B. Lewis Building at Case.

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Paul Stork at a Windows Server InstallFest
Paul Stork at a Windows Server InstallFest

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