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Thomas Mulready
Thomas Mulready
Founder & Owner

To someone who has never spent time in Cleveland, the phrase Cool Cleveland might seem oxymoronic.

Can a city be cool? Thomas Mulready, founder of CoolCleveland thinks so. He didn't set out to make Cleveland cool - just to reveal some of the coolness that is already here.

His CoolCleveland e-newsletter is a weekly proclamation of all the interesting, fun and yes, cool, things going on in town. 30,000 subscribers can't wait to read the latest when it hits their inbox on Wednesday mornings.

In 2005 Mulready co-founded the Cleveland Ingenuity fest and 75,000 people showed up. In 2006 it's even bigger and better.

Mulready is one of those people who don't talk an idea to death - he gets out and does something. To the Great Lakes Geek, that's really cool.

In this interview, Thomas gives his definition of cool, talks about the roots of CoolCleveland and the Ingenuity Fest and how the region can become even cooler.

July 6, 2006 Interview

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