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Cathy Horton, Cathy Panzica
Cathy Horton
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When attorney Cathy Horton returned to Cleveland after 15 years in London, she parlayed her business and legal experience with her entrepreneurial nature to create a series of successful ventures.

Ms. Horton has become a powerful and outspoken force in the local business and tech community. Listen to her interview.

With her success as an attorney and then as a serial entrepreneur, Cathy has become a role model to many women (and men) venturing into business.

By popular request she began answering questions about business and life submitted to her on and Ask Cathy was born.

In this podcast version of Ask Cathy, Cathy will answer business, leadership and community questions. She will explain her philosophy and share some experiences that led to her success.

Have a question about business? Just Ask Cathy!

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Jerry Seinfeld jokes that because more people list the fear of public speaking higher than the fear of death, they would prefer to be in the casket rather than giving the eulogy. Cathy Horton is known for her seemingly effortless public speaking ability.

Is that something people are born with or can that craft be learned and polished like any other? Let's ask Cathy.
Ask Cathy 04-21-09

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Watch an example (below)of Cathy Horton speaking to a group of high school girls future leaders

If you want to schedule Cathy Horton to speak to your company or at your event, please contact us.

Things happen. Sometimes circumstances or situations occurred when we were younger that we would handle differently now. Does that mean that we are forever branded as problems to potential employers?

Is there really such a thing as a permanent record? Cathy's answer may surprise you.
Ask Cathy 04-21-09

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Read Cathy's answers at Ask Cathy on ClevelandWomen.Com

What secure career options are available for someone who is not the college type?
Ask Cathy 04-21-09

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Read Cathy's answers at Ask Cathy on ClevelandWomen.Com

If leaders are born, not made, how can someone establish themselves as a leader?
Ask Cathy #1

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Characteristics of a Good Leader - Are they the same for Women and Men?
Ask Cathy #2

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Business Ethics - How to balance personal ethics with cutthroat business practices.
Ask Cathy #3

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Mentors. Should they be Male or Female or doesn't it matter?.
Ask Cathy #4

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Cathy Horton Panzica and Case CIO Lev Gonick

Cathy Horton Panzica and Case CIO Lev Gonick on the evening Cathy brought Apple Evangelist Guy Kawasaki to Cleveland to speak at Tech Synch.

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