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When attorney Cathy Horton returned to Cleveland after 15 years in London she was dismayed at the state of the City. While many would have merely complained - after all, you can't fight City Hall - Cathy decided to make some changes, revolutionary changes, in town.

While practicing law with Thomson Hine and creating her investment company, Panzica Investments, Cathy started a group called the Red Room Revolution. She modeled the initial meetings after the dialogues she had witnessed on Downing Street under Tony Blair when she was in the UK. The Red Room refers to the room outside the mayor's office in Cleveland's City Hall.

The Red Room Revolution is built on 5 pillars and driven by individuals known as the Red Room Rocks.

Much of the public got their first glimpse of Cathy Horton in her fervent support of Jane Campbell's re-election effort. Since then, projects and events from the Red Room group have kept her busy and in the public eye.

Ms. Horton has become a powerful and outspoken force in the local business and tech community and as such, has been the focus of much curiosity, praise and criticism.

In this interview, we ask some direct questions (If Jane Campbell had been a man would she have been re-elected?) and get frank, no-nonsense answers. It's a fairly long show (28 minutes) but worth your time.

April 6, 2006 Interview

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Since that time, Cathy Horton founded the successful Beta Strategy Group which has created new businesses and helped existing businesses to thrive.

Don't miss the popular series of podcasts with Cathy Horton called Ask Cathy. In this series, Cathy answers business, leadership and community questions and shares her experiences.

Cathy Horton Panzica and Case CIO Lev Gonick

Cathy Horton and Case CIO Lev Gonick on the evening Cathy brought Apple Evangelist Guy Kawasaki to Cleveland to speak at Tech Synch.

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